I write about people, products and passions.

Whether you are trying to sell a widget, encourage support of a new manufacturing process, reorganize your company, engage your employees, or take a stand on an issue you believe in, your words matter.

Let me help you connect with your audience.

“Laina has provided critical communications and change management support to Covanta during our very busy acquisition integration period. Laina’s assistance in preparing communications and providing communication strategy insights was essential to us executing smoothly!”

Thomas J. Cipolla, Director Mergers & Acquisitions Integration, Covanta

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Laina in my capacity as a Marketing Director at ADP while she supported internal communications for many high-profile initiatives. Laina is a consummate professional with a keen instinct to consider the needs of key constituents, is quick to create a strategic approach to any problem, and generates compelling copy that is on point. She is also tactically skilled with a track record of efficiency and precision, and always measures results to inform improvements. I would recommend Laina without hesitation.”

Mary Mokris, Marketing Director, ADP